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2012 Michigan Supreme Court and 22nd Circuit Court Ballot Information

Tuesday’s ballot has a few sections for electing judges—you know, that part of the ballot where you go OH HELL, I WISH I’D READ / STILL HAD A CITY PAPER—so here’s where it matters. Nobody’s challenging some of the incumbents, so we’ll just skip those. The Michigan Supreme Court nominees are elected to eight-year terms for the entire state; the 22nd Circuit Court is specific to Washtenaw County. I’m not going to tell you who I’m voting for, but if you know me well as a person and a designer, you’re not going to be surprised. I did this mostly so I’ll remember who to vote for… writing things down makes it easier to remember them later.

Justice of the Supreme Court—U Pick 2, like @ Panera

Justice of the Supreme Court (Partial Term ending Jan. 1, 2015)—Pick 1

22nd Circuit Court Judge, Incumbent—Pick 1

22nd Circuit Court Judge—Pick 1