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Custom Vibrations on your iPhone with iOS5

iOS 5 is out, and it brings with it many, many new features.  One of the more interesting ones pointed out to me for the iPhone is custom vibrations.  Just like a custom ring, you can associate a custom vibration with any contact on the phone.  Here’s how to enable it and use it on your iOS5 phone (3GS, 4, 4S):

  1. Open up the Settings app, and tap the General settings:
  2. Under General, scroll down and tap the Accessibility item:
  3. Under Accessibility, scroll down to “Custom Vibrations”, and turn it on:
  4. Once it’s enabled, when you go to edit any contact, you’ll now see an option to set a custom vibration for them.  Tap the entry to change it:
  5. There are 5 defaults, and you can choose to set the default for the phone as well.  Here I’m setting this particular entry to use the “Symphony” vibration:
  6. If you’re into beatboxing, you can even create your own by scrolling down and tapping on Create New Vibration:
  7. Creating your own is as simple as pressing the record button, tapping away and then saving it off: