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Come visit Detroit!

I live in Ann Arbor, but the big city in our region is Detroit, a city often at the butt of jokes.  We tell them around here, too, though we feel like we have the right to do so since we live and work in the area, and we get a little cranky when outsiders start commenting on it.

I enjoy destroying preconceived notions, so one of my favorite things to do is to take people around the city.  It’s even better when it’s someone who’s grown up in the area, and is descended from Detroiters, but who hasn’t actually ever engaged the city other than the typical drive-in-see-show-flee experience that many Gen-Xers are familiar with.  Don’t get me wrong: it’s kind of nice because it keeps the city free of your standard tools.  However, that doesn’t really bode well for the long-term success of the region.  We need those tools.  Well, at least their property taxes and discretionary income.

Back in the Spring of 2011, the New York Times published one of its 36 Hours entries on Detroit.  If you’ve never been to Detroit and find yourself in the area, check it out.  And if you live here, what are you waiting for already?

My favorites on the list are 2, 3, 4, 9, 10 and 11.  I’d also recommend a walk along the Detroit Riverfront.  Did you know they’re looking to start cruises up the river to Great Lakes cities?

I can’t wait to go to Montreal… by boat!