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The Golden Circle

It turns out using an iPad to write and publish blog posts isn’t the easiest thing in the world. Writing the words is, but getting all the photos uploaded is a nightmare, and a real hindrance to doing a daily update. I figure I can at least write things down until I have a moment to upload some photos. I need practice writing, anyway.

Iceland’s water smells sulfuric. Everywhere. It becomes obvious why when you head inland to check out some of the natural water features. Our group (now numbering eight) set out in the morning in two Suzuki 4x4s to take in the Golden Circle Tour, an absolute must while visiting. It captures many of the things that make Iceland’s natural geography unique, including:

You also can check out Iceland’s original seat of the Catholic Church (almost protestant in its interior sensibilities) and a city that’s Not Reykjavik, too.


The sun here is incredibly bright when it’s out, and provides for stark contrast in almost every photo. It was a perfect day to be taking in these sights as a result. And despite lots of construction to allow you to walk through many of these natural wonders, having a good pair of boots is a good idea. The water in the stream flowing beside you may actually almost be boiling, as it turns out.

Most of the stops along the tour have restrooms, food and plenty of opportunity to take great photos. My meals and drinks of choice along the way today were hot dogs and hot chocolate. The Icelanders are quite proud of their hot dogs, so of course I had to put a couple in my mouth.

After the tour, we attempted to find dinner in the southern city of Selfoss, but the recommendations we’d been given were no longer in business. After trying to check out some places on the go, we decided to head back to Reykjavik, with the full moon rising in the east, and the sun simultaneously setting in the west.

Dinner was at the Skolabru restaurant where the sleek, minimal interior was in stark contrast to the traditional dollhouse architecture out front. Dinner was okay: 4000Ikr ($33) for a salmon entree with some house white wine (Chardonnay) set to a 70s soundtrack. The food was good, but the overall experience wasn’t particularly compelling.

I probably should have gotten dessert.

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